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Experience the joy of traveling with a group like never before. Whether you’re planning a family reunion, a team-building trip, or an adventure with friends, our expertly curated itineraries and personalized services ensure a seamless and unforgettable experience. From exploring exotic destinations to sharing laughter around the campfire, our group travel brings people closer, making every journey a celebration of togetherness. Join us on an adventure of a lifetime and discover the world with a group of like-minded explorers who share your passion for travel and adventure. Your next adventure begins here!


Experienced Group Travel Planners

OTD excels in crafting unforgettable group travel experiences by leveraging our expertise in destination knowledge, meticulous planning, and attention to detail. With a deep understanding of group dynamics and adverse traveler preferences, we tailor each journey to cater to the unique interests and needs of your group. From selecting the perfect accommodations and organizing group activities to ensuring seamless logistics, our experienced team takes care of every aspect of your trip. We’re dedicated to creating a cohesive and enjoyable travel experience for your group leaving you free to savor the journey without any worries.


Stress-free Group Travel Planning

OTD specializes in making group travel hassle-free and enjoyable. We handle all the intricate details, from coordinating transportation and accommodations to planning group activities and excursions, leaving your and your group stress-free. With us, you’ll have the peace of mind that comes with knowing your group travel experience will be smooth, well-organized, and truly hassle-free. Leave the logistics to us and savor the adventure.


Personalized Group Travel Experiences

OTD understands that every group is unique, and we take pride in offering personalized group travel experiences. We work closely with you to tailor each trip to your specific interests, preferences and goals. Whether you’re planning a family reunion, a corporate retreat, or an adventure with friends, we take the time to create a custom itinerary that aligns perfectly with your group’s vision. Our attention to detail ensures that every member of your group feels valued and cherished, and we’re committed to providing an experience that’s as unique as your group itself. With our personalized approach, your group travel adventure will be a one-of -a-kind journey that you’ll treasure for years to come.

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Are there discounts available for group travel?

Yes, group travel often comes with discounts or extra perks, especially for larger groups.

Can you reserve meeting space?

Yes, we are able to contact cruise lines and hotels to reserve meeting space.

How many people are required to make a group?

The number varies based on time of year and what company. Many cruise lines start at 8 rooms and some all-inclusives can be as little as 5 rooms.

Group Travel

Multi-Generational Trip

We can expertly arrange all the intricate details of a multi-generational trip, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable experience for every family member. From selecting family-friendly accommodations that cater to various age groups to curating activities that cater to diverse interests, our agency takes the stress our of planning. We’re well versed in accommodating the unique needs of different generations, whether it’s arranging kid-friendly excursions, senior-friendly accommodations, or creating a balanced itinerary that everyone can enjoy.

Corporate Getaways

Whether you’re looking to reward your hard working team or foster connections with clients, we offer tailored solutions. From selecting exclusive venues and organizing team-building activities to arranging transportation and managing every logistical aspect, our agency ensures a seamless experience. We understand the importance of a well-executed corporate getaway, and we take pride in delivering events that leave a lasting impression.

Explore Together, Adventure Forever

Friend Trips

Whether you’re planning a girls’ getaway, a guys’ trip or a couples’ retreat, OTD has got you covered! We meticulously curate destinations, accommodations, and activities to match your group’s individual interest and desires, guaranteeing an unforgettable experience for all. With our expertise, you can concentrate on building lasting memories and deepening your relationships while we take care of the logistics. Whether it’s a quick weekend escape, an overseas adventure, or a special celebration, allow us to bring your friend group’s travel dreams to life in an extraordinary way.

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