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Jana Bates

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Bluffton, SC


I’ve been a Labor & Delivery nurse for the past 16 years. While that is an adventure in itself, I absolutely love to create new adventures with my own family as well. Now that my boys are getting older, it’s time for me to get back into my passion for travel. I’ve been all over the world (many times by myself) and fully believe that travel is the only thing we spend money on that makes us richer.

Travel Style

I’m up for anything and everything. My goal has always been to see every continent…I’m close! When I travel to new places I consider myself to be an explorer, not a tourist. I want to learn about the culture, the food and the way of life. I’ve lived with a tribal family in Kenya, bunked with a host family in Australia, studied Spanish in a dorm room in Barcelona and slept on train cars while traveling through Cambodia and Laos. While those experiences were absolutely amazing, my “summer fun list” with my boys has been equally as impressive. We don’t sit still for long and try to cram as many experiences/memories into their summer as possible.

Let’s plan your next adventure, together!

I am 100% type A. I absolutely love to plan every detail of my trips. When I travel, I don’t want to miss a single thing and I don’t want you to either! I love finding all of the most incredible must see/do/eat/stay places everywhere I go. I know some people find planning their trips to be exhausting but I love every second of it. Now it’s time to let me do the work for you. I promise to treat your travels with the same time and attention that I do for my own family.

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